Vesna Pungercar

Architect and Researcher

Assistant Professor, Head of the Research and Ph.D. Candidate at Chair of Building Construction and Material Science EBB, Technical University of Munich. At the moment she coordinates research projects on sustainable construction and building technology, which have been published in scientific journals and international conferences.

Interests: research, new materials, sustainability, resource efficiency, energy efficiency, architecture



Cirruculum vitae


-Low energy house Butinar, Slovenia, energy advice and design

- Low energy house Meserko, Slovenia, energy advice and design

- Low energy house Smerke, Slovenia, energy advice and design

- Storage facility Merkscha, Slovenia, light analysis, design

- Mortuary, Trebnje, Slovenia, concept and planning

- Passive house Zivanovic, Slovenia, energy consulting - Residential building Povsetova, Slovenia, energy concept

- Hotel Planja na Rogli, Slovenia, energy consulting 

- House Viscek, Slovenia, energy consulting and design

- Industrial building Povše Metal, Slovenia, 3D visualization and design

- Wood center Sentrupert, Slovenia, 3D visualization

- Entrance hall Murska Sobota Triglav, Slovenia, energy advice and design

- Sports stadium Stadion Selman Stermasi with the commercial center in Tirana, Albania, concept

- Altesheim Sentrupert, Slovenia, draft

- Energetic renovation of the Dramlje primary school, Slovenia, energy revision

- Passive house Znidar, Slovenia, energy consulting

- Energetic renovation of an apartment building in Izellerweg, Germany, Architecture and design

- Apartment building, Munich, Germany, detailed planning

- Blanche Monier low-energy retirement home, architecture and renovation

- Penthouse Senternej, Slovenia, concept

- Renovation of an attic apartment, Slovenia, concept

- Galerie Bozidar Jakac, Dolenjski Museum Novo mesto, Slovenia, concept

- Wooden roof for an open market in Mozirju, Slovenia, concept

- Municipality of Lasko and control cabinet inner courtyard, Slovenia, concept

- Roof Šmarje, Slovenia, concept



-  exhibition of postcards from Carniolan castles, Slovenia,

- design Exhibition Novo mesto 1848-1914, 1st Prize for Design, Slovenia,

- Design Exhibition locks in Dolenjska, Otocec Hotels Krka, Slovenia, design

- Archaeological excavations, Angelica Rus, Slovenia, Design


- 2020-2021 Certificate in Material Behavior, Coursera, Georgia Institute for Technology, USA

- 2013 Certification for energy consultation, BAFA, Germany

- 2012 Certification for Photovoltaic and solar systems, Energia Solar de Pacifico, S.A. de C.V., Mexico

- 2011 Building law, Germany


- 2016-now TUM, Chair for Building Construction and Building Materials Science / Assistant Professor, Head of Research, Project manager of 2 research projects (Windowmachine funded by ZukunftBau, Germany, and Salt as a building material funded by Fritz und Trude Fortmann Stiftung)

- 2012-2017 Planea, Slovenia (CEO)

- 2004-2012 Common architects, Germany / SpaceLab, Slovenia / Atelier Walter Unterrainer, Austria / ofis, Slovenia / Studio List, Slovenia / PROJECT Biro, Slovenia


- 2019-now Ph.D., Technical University of Munich

- 2010-2012 MSc Clima Design, Technical University of Munich, Germany

- 2008-2010 Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

- 2007-2008 Exchange student year with the Otto Likar Scholarship, Technical University of Munich, Germany

- 2003-2007 Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


- Slovenian (mother tongue)

- German (very good)

- English (very good)

- Spanish (good)




- 2021 Marschall scholarship, TUM, Germany

- 2011-2012 Otto Likar scholarship, Germany

- 2010-2011 Ad-futura scholarship, Slovenia

- 2007-2008 Otto Likar scholarship, Germany


- 2021 PRE|FREE - UP|DOWN - RE|CYCLE, International Conference, Italy

- 2019 Technologico de Monterrey, International Conference, Mexico AND Powerskin Conference, International Conference, Germany

- 2018 Fenster-Türen Treff, International Conference, Austria

- 2017 Rosenheimer Fenstertage, International Conference, Germany

- 2013 - Energy renovation, Conference at Studio List, Slovenia

- 2012 - Energy-saving buildings, BUAP, Conference, Mexiko

- 2010 „Sustainable buildings, Medellin, Colombia, 2010


2022 - coming soon

- Paper: 3D print with salt, Jornal: Building Research: Design, Construction and Technologies, edited by B. Rangel er at, Springer

- Paper: Pungercar, V.;  Musso, F., Salt as a Building Material: Current Status and Future Opportunities, The good Material, The Plan Journal, doi. 10.15274/tpj.2021.06.02.4 


- Paper: Pungercar, V.; Zhan, Q.; Xiao, Y.; Musso, F.; Dinkel, A.; Pflug, T., A new retrofitting strategy for the improvement of Indoor Environment Quality and Energy Efficiency in residential buildings in temperate climate using prefabricated element, 10.1016/j.enbuild.2021.110951

- Zhan, Q, Pungercar, V., Musso, F, Xiao, Y, Hygrothermal investigation of lightweight steel-framed wall assemblies in hot-humid climates: Measurement and simulation validation, Journal of Building Engineering,

- Paper: Reuse of salt waste in 3D printing: Case study, PRE|FREE - UP|DOWN - RE|CYCLE, anteferma


- Article: Can we build with salt?, TUM Review, ISBN 978-3-948278-25-0 , ISSN 2698-6108

-Article: Bauen mit Salz, Baunetz Wissen, Link:

- Article about salt research: Salzige Architektur, DETAIL, 11.2020, ISSN: 0011-9571

- Paper: Vesna Pungercar, Florian Musso, Christian Bodensteiner, Arnulf DinkelFabien CoydonFrank Liedloff, Three case studies of a prefabricated window element for refurbishments, Powerskin Conference Proceeding, 978-9463661256 (ISBN)


- Book: Vesna Pungercar, Florian Musso, Arnulf Dinkel, Fabien Coydon, Thibault Pflug, Lucas Höfert, Frank Liedloff, Anka Krauße, Vorgefertigte Sanierfenster mit intergrierter Technik - Demoprojekt, Frauenhofer IR Verlag, 978-3-7388-0273-3 (ISBN)


- Article: Die Fenstermaschine, Vorgefertigte Sanierungsfenster mit integrierter Technik, Fenster-Türen-Treff, Austria

- Poster: Prefabricated window with integrated technology for refurbishments, ne–xt facades, Munich, Germany


- Article: Die Fenstermaschine, Rosenheimer Fenstertage


-Article Sommer School Spittal, Gradbenik, Slowenien

-Article Passive House, Razgledi, Slowenien




- for Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability, Iopscience Building Simulation, Springer

- for Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability
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