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Vesna Pungercar

Doctor of Engineering, Architect and Researcher

Vesna studied architecture at University Ljubljana, Slovenia, ClimaDesign at TU Munich, Germany and gained a doctorate of engineering at TU Munich, Germany in 2023. She gained teaching experience and was the Head of Research at Chair of Building Construction and Material Science EBB, TU Munich, Germany. She was involved in different architectural projects at ofis, Slovenia, Atelier Walter Unterreiner, Austria, common architects, Germany and on her own projects. At the moment she coordinates research projects on sustainable construction and building technology, which have been published in scientific journals and international conferences. Her main research interest is salt as building material.

Interests: research, new materials, sustainability, resource efficiency, energy efficiency, architecture



Prizes, Scholatship

- 2021 Marschall scholarship, TUM, Germany

- 2011-2012 Otto Likar scholarship for talented students, Germany

- 2010-2011 Ad-futura scholarship for talented students, Slovenia

- 2007-2008 Otto Likar scholarship for talented students, Germany




- 2020-2021 Certificate in Material Behavior, Coursera, Georgia Institute for Technology, USA

- 2013 Certification for energy consultation, BAFA, Germany

- 2012 Certification for Photovoltaic and solar systems, Energia Solar de Pacifico, S.A. de C.V., Mexico

- 2011 Building law, Germany


- Slovenian (mother tongue)

- German (very good)

- English (very good)

- Spanish (good)



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