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Architecture and design


-Low energy house Butinar, Slovenia, energy advice and design

- Low energy house Meserko, Slovenia, energy advice and design

- Low energy house Smerke, Slovenia, energy advice and design

- Storage facility Merkscha, Slovenia, light analysis, design

- Mortuary, Trebnje, Slovenia, concept and planning

- Passive house Zivanovic, Slovenia, energy consulting - Residential building Povsetova, Slovenia, energy concept

- Hotel Planja na Rogli, Slovenia, energy consulting 

- House Viscek, Slovenia, energy consulting and design

- Industrial building Povše Metal, Slovenia, 3D visualization and design

- Wood center Sentrupert, Slovenia, 3D visualization

- Entrance hall Murska Sobota Triglav, Slovenia, energy advice and design

- Sports stadium Stadion Selman Stermasi with the commercial center in Tirana, Albania, concept

- Altesheim Sentrupert, Slovenia, draft

- Energetic renovation of the Dramlje primary school, Slovenia, energy revision

- Passive house Znidar, Slovenia, energy consulting

- Energetic renovation of an apartment building in Izellerweg, Germany, Architecture and design

- Apartment building, Munich, Germany, detailed planning

- Blanche Monier low-energy retirement home, architecture and renovation

- Penthouse Senternej, Slovenia, concept

- Renovation of an attic apartment, Slovenia, concept

- Galerie Bozidar Jakac, Dolenjski Museum Novo mesto, Slovenia, concept

- Wooden roof for an open market in Mozirju, Slovenia, concept

- Municipality of Lasko and control cabinet inner courtyard, Slovenia, concept

- Roof Šmarje, Slovenia, concept



- An exhibition of postcards from Carniolan castles, Slovenia,

- Design Exhibition Novo mesto 1848-1914, 1st Prize for Design, Slovenia

- Design Exhibition locks in Dolenjska, Otocec Hotels Krka, Slovenia, design

- Archaeological excavations, Angelica Rus, Slovenia, Design

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